A different Holy Week…with corrections

Dear readers,

It has been so long that I have posted I almost could not get into this site, and possibly my byline sidebar is lost, at any rate, yes I am still here!

I had so many plans to be attentive to Lent:  a daily booklet to read ( I did do that most days), some special services to attend, all the events at church.  I was really looking forward to going into this time open and ready to hear God.  Then I went to Hawaii   for a week , came home prior to Palm Sunday and got a horrific cold…no Palm Sunday service for me, I was sick in bed, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, …surely I would be well enough to attend a Maunday Thursday service with my small group…nope! still coughing and sneezing…Friday, Saturday I made it through a small Bible Study I lead, and went to bed, but early Sunday morning I got up, went to the early service at church, and to a lovely brunch later, where I was actually able to taste the food!

So what’s all this about?  Humbling, I guess.  Not my plans, I guess. The cold facts of exhaustion of the older body, I guess. How sometimes plans with the best of intentions just don’t work out and we have to endure the cocoon of comfort in bed and Vicks vapor-rub…does anyone remember that?  It used to be the standard cold remedy….

How Easter comes, whether we are ready or not, and how sometimes we don’t feel very prepared.  The disciples were not very ready for the first Easter either, they didn’t expect an empty tomb, a Risen Savior.  Even though they had been told, they weren’t really listening with awareness. How vulnerable we all are, and how God loves us anyway.

It seems that another reality has set in..I may be posting only every two or three months…just the reality of my life now.  You might look for my photos on Facebook,or I do answer email.

Yes, I’m still very much a widow, and there are moments I miss Roger as much as I did those first few months, so it’s nice to have a few compatriots who still read of the trials and tribulations of a widow, but I guess the time to meditate on this has become less and less.  At least, right now.  Belated Happy Easter!

Rosalie Nelson

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