January 2016..a blank page filled

I started out the year with a lovely blank calendar page, but after an hour most of January was filled up.  This first week seems especially filled, but today I only have one “appointment”—of course I still need to stop for gas, buy cat food and litter, and get my study for tomorrow ready!!! And tomorrow I have an ‘early’ meeting for new leaders of what is called “Lifegroups” at our church.

Two days later, I’m fianlly getting back to this and will post it…time and the use of it seems to elude me.  There are so many things I no longer do I can’t quite determine why I don’t have more time.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I really am slower than I used to be, and simple can’t multitask much anymore.  About the only multi-task I do is read email while eating lunch–not a good habit!

I am trying to take each day as it comes and not become too concerned about what I did not do; one thing I did that was important, ( altho I didn’t know it) was to follow up on why I had not heard from some Australian friends.  Turns out, yes, they’d had some medical problems, plus the wife’s brother died in December, and their computer was down. I was glad I caought up with them on the phone and found out what was happening in their lives. Now my min d is nagging me about a couple other people I had not heard from, so it appears I may need to make some more inquiries. One never know why someone ‘drops off the radar’ but it seems a good idea to check it out at this season of life.

Aa very weary good night, and best wishes for the New Year, and in managing your calendar!