Pre-Christmas post

Doesn’t it just seem like when you  want to have Christmas fun, daily life gets in the way?  That’s the way it’s been for me—and so it was that when I received a note from the IRS that they were doing a mail audit on on 2013 taxes— I just wanted to climb back in bed and put the covers over my head.

However, instead I sent an email to my current CPA ( not the one familiar with 2013) and to a friend asking for help.  I discovered the CPA was on vacation and the friend could not help me do the photocophying of receipts until next week….well, I have a little time, but me being me, I wanted to get it done and off my plate. In the meantime I pulled our the box for 2013 and remembered that was the year I ‘donated’ my timeshare, something they may raise an eyebrow at, and donated all Roger’s uniforms to a Theater company, which for whatever reason my CPA just put under miscellaneous contributions!!!

And of course there are a few things they may question in my ‘medical expenses’ as well.  So it’s difficult not to obsess about what may go wrong, rather than lean on God’s everlasting arms.

All this to say, my Christmas cards may be late this year—most likely—and  even tho I send them out electronically, I have decided not to even open that ‘box’ in my computer until I get this job dealt with.

If I only go to two of the events I planned to enjoy rather than 6, that’s OK too.  The first one was Saturday night’s Lessons and Carols at Memorial Church, the second is a musical group on Thursday night which is way too expensive to miss.  Actually, the later in the month I send the receipts in, the less likely they are to get back to me til after Christmas….

I’m planning to breathe deepy of the evergreen wreath I put on my door, and let things happen as they will…Each of you who read this blog, try to do the same—can you smell the scent of Christmas?