the ‘Fitbit” and me….

I was not able to copy the cute logo that came with this, but now that I am walking around trying to walk at least three miles a day ( not yet anywhere near 10,000 steps) I get these little ‘encouragements’  or are they?
You’ve earned the Penguin March badge
With 70 lifetime miles, you just matched the distance of the March of the Penguins—the annual trip emperor penguins make to their breeding grounds. You’re doing swimmingly well!

So, I guess that’s progress— I now can walk like an Emperor penguin!

All this started when my sis-in-law Ann was visiting and I was exprssing doubts about next year’s trip to Germany and whether I could live up to the 3 miles a day requirement. She had just gotten a fitbit, so when she returned home, she sent me one too—and I have to admit it has made me walk a lot more around my neighborhood. ( but not during the hottest part of the day.)

However, I was quite discouraged to learn that standing still over 24 eggs to turn them  into deviled egg appetizers, did not do a thing for my steps that day; and I cannot use the fitbit in the pool, so all my exercise there doesn’t count either!

Also, it doesn’t help a ‘bit’ if I don’t put the thing on! ( as a matter of fact, I see I’m not wearing it right now, but I doubt that sitting at the typewriter moving my fingers across the keyboard counts—)

However, it is at least 30 steps from my bedroom to my desk in the den ( no way to add it in if I’m not wearing the device.  So some days when I have only .30miles left to hit my goal, I just assume it’s unrecorded steps…..but how will I get another reward that way?  Wonder what it will be?

I also have the option of walking the halls at night to add steps to my count, altho I have already run into several of our security guards who looked at me strangely as I was wearing my fluffy white robe….I do hope they don’t take this fitbit away from me when they move me to custodial care!

On the serious side, life has been filled with a lot of other distractions too, so perhaps I can write about some of them next time. Happy walking!