Memorial Day weekend and before…

I’m embarrassed to see that I have not posted since the end of March! One of my goals for this weekend, and even though it’s now Tuesday I need to either post or stop the blog, so here goes:

I did go to Palm Springs alone in late March, and really enjoyed a week of total non-structure. In a seniors residence when they have activities, you do have to follow the calendar. I am happy to report we now have Zumba bad in the exercise program. I don’t know why, I just like it and I know it uses up the calories.

April seems to have whizzed past, perhaps because I took an online class in ESL ( teaching English Language to non- English speakers) because our church has developed an outreach to some of the Spanish speaking ( and other languages) in our neighborhood. At the same time we began classes, so I have been driving across the bay every Tuesday. During the summer, it’s still twilight when I return at about 8 pm. In winter, who knows? I seem to be living more one day at a time than planning too far in the future.

So, to re-cap Memorial day, we had a nice program here the Friday before, then I watched the PBS broadcast from the Capital mall on Sunday eve, weeping at the stories of courageous people who go on in spite of serious disabilities. For once I was not weeping for myself. Compared to what I saw and heard, I have nothing to complain about. Yesterday we had a brunch here at the Vi, and I took a brief walk afterward, later even cleaning some of my living room carpet. I had a marvelous experience this weekend when I looked out and saw a bright yellow bird with black markings on the top of one of the trees ( as I’m on the 4th floor I had a great view) I later decided it was a Black capped oriole, altho it seems to me it should be called black chinned…my cat and I have been watching for it to return, but so far, no.

I am gearing up for grad weekend in June—can hardly believe it is a year since my great-nephew arrived here
( really, 9 months) and he’s gotten his Masters in Environmental Science, accepted a job in Atlanta, and found an apartment.

It’s challenging even hearing about the activity level of folks in their 20’s!!! Right after his grad weekend I leave for southern Ca. for the Free Church National Conference.
Then it will be return, and passing the baton on the food committee to someone else!

While I was in Palm Springs I worked on some poems too,
but will save that for another time. This is really just a catch-up to let you know I’m still here.