The metaphor of the eaglets….

This is the time of year I check out the Decorah Eagles
webcam frequently—more than once a day! And this week,
Holy Week, or Passion Week, on the Christian calendar,
two tiny eaglets arrrived within 48 hours of each other.

They are so cute with their little black ‘masks’ and their ‘egg beaks’, as they bobble about, learning everything for
the first time. And the huge Eagle parents are so gentle with them, even though the eaglets could be squashed with one sharp claw.

This morning I thought of the metaphor they represent: how
God is so powerful He could squash us with one blow, yet He is gentle and loving as we bobble about, trying to learn, and sometimes, like the eaglets, toppling over. While we
can’t see our growth as easily as we will see that of the eaglets,it’s there as we learn from Him, accepting His loving care.

Walking thru passion week, we see the apparent loss of control as Jesus is hung on the cross, and then the miraculous Resurrection we will celebrate on Sunday.
We see the despair of the disciples turned to joy as they begin to understand God’s purpose.

Like the eaglets, may we grow and change, and finally, may
we fly!

Enjoy the miracle of Easter! ( and google “Decorah Eagles”
to see what I’m talking about.)


I see more clearly now…..

Yes, the cataract surgery was successful, and altho I don’t describe the miracle some do, I do notice the difference. I have been cleared of restrictions on activity, and can now pick up my cat, as well as other things that land on the floor….
In the midst of 4 x a day eye drops, I have been intensely busy. hence the delay in this note. Apologies to some of you who wondered what happened. And yes, they insert a new lens, in my case to aid my distance seeing. Eventually, I will purchase reading glasses for computer and other close work.

Thanks so much for your prayers and thoughts; the least favorite part of this is going thru this without a spouse, but my grateful thanks to friend Karen who sat in the lobby with her laptop thru the whole procedure!!!

On April 14 I have a short visit with the doctor before he performs surgery on the left eye. Hopefully this will also go smoothly.

Sorry about the shortness of this note, but it was this or nothing, as I must dash off on some errands. Some day I will write about the marathon of activity yesterday….til then…
love, Rosalie

When confusion clears….

I’ve spent the last few days needlessly worrying about something that was unnecessary. In the efforts to get my primary care doctor to comply with what the eye hospital wanted for my cataract surgery, I kept emailing her about getting in the approval form ( the information I had, was that it had not been rec’d) I of course leaped ahead to thinking the surgery would be cancelled, etc, etc. That is one of my human frailties.

In desperation, I called the scheduler this morning and learned that someone on the doctor’s staff had apparently FAXed the doctor’s latest encounter with me, and that serves as a pre-op approval. The eye doctor does not need anything more from my doctor or from me! Barring any other ‘disasters’ I will have my eye surgery on March 9, as planned.

What a lesson I need to keep learning; and to think my word this year was ‘notice’ but I did not pay enough attention to who was asking for what, and who sent what, (which I think is true of the primary care doctor as well, I don’t think she really checked out what had been sent, due to her busy schedule.)

Again I learned that God does hold all in His hands, and I just need to be sure I have all the facts before I run down the tracks of worry and leaping to the worst possible conclusion. May I hold this lesson as I go thru the stages of the surgery and recuperation and not ‘leap to conclusions’ that are not even there.

Ill report back after surgery!