Seeing in the fog….

Recently I was returning from church, and approached the bridge I cross each Sunday.  Suddenly the entire bridge was encased in fog ( we’ve had some very foggy days prior to the current refreshing and windy rain that we are having right now).  I literally could see only a few vehicles ahead, but I continued on, praying that God would guide me in spite of the poor visibility.  It’s good that I travel that road often because I knew there would be a signal light at the other side of the bridge.  I could not even see the lights til I was about 3 car lengths before it—thankfully it was green so I passed through, and made a left turn at the next light, still in fog. Once I got away from the bay, the fog lifted, and visibility was normal.  The metaphorical implications are obvious:  so often our lives are ‘in the fog’ we do not know what’s just ahead. We live in a world where changes in health, injuries, losses, can happen with little warning. I think I would like the security of knowing what’s ahead, but God in His wisdom knows I would just worry all the more, so He asks me to trust that whatever circumstance, He will give me strength when it happens. So in waiting for medical tests, wondering if my cat’s cough is serious, or grieving the loss of a close friend, I carry on, til the light is clear, and I again can see the next few miles. Whatever fog blurs your vsion now, remember that it is not we who know the future; it’s our job only to move within the range of what we can see.

PS I’m scheduled to have cataract surgery in March and April so hope that physically it will improve my driving capacity!