Christmas in the air….

As I walk down the halls of my apartment building, the scent of pine and fir fills the air—many residents have fresh wreaths on their doors, and those who don’t have other holiday decorations….we have no snowflakes in air, but we’ve had a lot of raindrops, for which we are thankful. It seems the long dry season is at an end in most of California.

The usual ringing of Salvation Army bells greets us outside the grocery store, and the parking spaces are hard to find. I have managed to avoid most of the shopping malls, but the lines at the post office can be long, too.

This year is bittersweet as I think of several close friends who are very ill. My heart breaks for them in a special way, as it reminds me of what Roger and I went through some three years and more ago.  This world is tenuous, and fragile and temporary. The only solution is to take the eternal view: this world in not our home, just a stopping place. But that doesn’t lessen the pain of separation and loss.

And so Christmas is a time filled with emotions: joy, fear, expectation, waiting—just like that first time.

May we enjoy our families and friends with special care and love. May we see God in all of this.