Giving Thanks

This year our church made a late decision to join several others in providing 300 thanksgiving dinners ( delivered fully cooked and hot) to some needy families in our neighborhood.  We got a referral from some schools, and made some contacts.  I signed up to help pack food early thanksgiving morning. Then, the day before, they still needed more cornbread, so I brought some of that too.  About 100 volunteers from about 4 churches were involved in the project.  The worst part for me was being up and dressed and ready to go by 7:30 a.m.

When I arrived I was assigned to fill small containers ( with covers) with gravy.  The ladies behind me were filling the same size containers with cranberries.  All went well, except we weren’t postively sure how many packed lunches we  would have turkey for, so when the call came, stop! we are out of turkey! I was still filling gravy containers.  Turns out in their enthusiasm, the crnberrry ladis borrowed some of my containers and I was 30 short. Someone ran off to buy more containers,and I had a tense wait before I could finish. But we finally did, and an hour early at that. And an hour later, all the cleanup had been done too,and I was on my way home for buffet lunch here with three other ladies.  Later that afternoon I took a short walk with a couple of my Vi friends ( lovely afternoon, with color still on some trees—yes, we have fall color here in California!)

I ended the day watching a Hallmark movie, too tired to do much else.  But I had a good feeling for “giving back” as most times I feel I’m too old to do that sort of thing. I guess there are a few things I can still do.

At the buffet we talked a bit about being thankful for the ‘down’things as well a the good things.  So true in the community where I live. We agreed it’s best to do what you can, while you can.While I can walk and stand, I will; while I can see I will continue using my computer and reading books and writing poetry ( now and then).