October Daze —

Here it is almost Halloween, and I have been ‘too busy’ to even
update my blog. So here goes: The 1st few days of October I was in Ashland, Oregon seeing Shakespearian plays and more modern works.[ “the tempest”, “two Gentlemen from Verona”, “Into the Woods”, and “The great Society”–this last about LBJ ] I enjoyed it thoroughly, and the group, organized by a local church, got us into a great little hotel not far from the theaters ( one outdoor, two indoor), right next to downtown resaurants. The weather was good, altho a little early for fall color. Forty eight of us rode a comfortable tour bus from Los Altos to Ashland, and I was able to park my car in the church parking lot, so the logistics were easy. The company was congenial, and probably the best part was the opportunity to interact with one of the cast members and get a sense of what it’s like to be in Ashland Repertory. I was home for 5 days, then on to Chicago and southern Wisconsin. This time I had to plan all the logistics, airfare, bus to Rockford, rental car to Wisconsin, and driving to the motel on roads in constant state of construction.
My siblings and wives and a nephew and niece and her husband joined me for dinner in Spring Green; the next day I drove with my Mpls brother and wife to the cousins reunion on the property that was once the Davis farm, where my brothers and I grew up. We were 16 for lunch, some spouses and a couple of next-generations, but mostly the counsins themselves. The trees we planted in memory of my father and his eight siblings are still surviving. It was a very good opportunity for conversation with many I only see once a year; and I did also see friends in Chicago one evening, so I could hardly have packed more into the time I was there. But then I came home to lots of paperwork that had stacked up while I was gone, and a committee meeting to lead.
After all that activity I find I need some time to just be quiet and alone with my kitty ( and she misses me so much she doesn’t mind the attention when I return!).
As I look at the final week of October I see that I have committed to two dinners and one lunch, plus decorating pumpkins for folks at the care center and taking the annual wellness test. ( they will no doubt ask me to spell world backwards, and count by 7’s from 100 backwards, as well as time, date, state, president, and a few other questions that hopefully I will answer correctly assuring me another year’s stay in independent living unless I fall and break something.!!!) And I must fill out my absentee ballot this weekend, too. Somehow life seems to be filled with more on the ‘to do’ list than I want, even tho the individual events are fun.
We’ve had lovely days, altho we still pray for rain…there was enough last week to give us some hope, but not much.

May your autumn be filled with gold and orange leaves, and may no black cats cross your path!