“What do you do with all your time?”

This question is usually asked by folks not in retirement, and often by those who are not widowed. The retired widows and wodowers know well enough what we are doing—or can imagine something similar: Trying to keep up a household by yourself, for one thing. Even in an apartment, batteries need changing,
laundry and dishes need doing, cleaning the spaces the housekeeper never gets to, and an interminable filing of papers!
In addition are medical appointments, visitors from out of town ( we love them, but obviously it does fill the schedule). Caring for the cat, including getting her claws trimmed, as one person cannot do this alone, keeping up with my own medical shots–just had a call from the doctor’s office it’s time go in for standard blood work, running back and forth to the eye doctors to determine when is the right time for cataract surgery.

I’m about to turn the calendar page to October, and I will be going to Ashland, Oregon on a four day bus tour with a group to see some plays. But I know I will come home to a full mailbox, and again, things demanding my attention. This fall I have “signed up for” some heavier leadership in our Saturday Bible Study here at the Vi, and a once-a-month small group elsewhere, which requires extra study between times. Today I drove to the east bay, encountering more than usual traffic and road work to help put together supplies for our churchs’ Kids Club program at a local school. By the time we put it all in the calendar ( oh, yes the car needs to be taken in for standard service). it does add up. So the next time you see a senior of about 75, don’t think he or she has all the time in the world to gaze at the roses—not if they are at all like the ones I know.

And if you have a schedule like mine, thank God that you can still carry on relatively independently. Just try to balance the demands on time and attention. ( do I really need to read that book?). And yes, I spent 2 hours every night last week watching “The Roosevelts”, and felt it was well worth it.

What are you doing with your time?