This past weekend I attended a writers workshop; one of the prompts was a table of objects. I chose a battery. I never realized until I became a widow how many appliances and gadgets around the house required batteries. I have a drawer of AA and AAA, but that’s about all.
So when I purchased a new toy for my cat, I never thought (until I was home again, assembling it) that the item would not have batteries included. But it didn’t! And it required 3 “C” batteries ( the only ones I could find were two, dated 2001, so I went out the next day and purchased a pack of brand new C batteries. With some problems inserting them ( the directions were not entirely accurate), I now had a working toy———a covered cloth with a wand that went round and round under the cloth (but in erratic manner ) when you pressed the top button. The idea is that the cat tries to ‘capture’ the wand as it rotates. I think it’s to give the cat intellectual exercise, if not physical.
The cat was of course curious, but kept her distance at first, then made a few attempt to grab the wand, finally pulling it out of the toy. Then the cat went to the bed, and curled up to sleep. So much for my efforts! But I now have a full supply of C batteries, if I need them!
Just to be sure I get my money’s worth, I try out the toy once a day, so
far the cat has not shown too much interest. Perhaps I should just let her be who she is——an adult rescue cat whose primary emotion is fear of new things,
and whose favorite activity is sleeping!


Why I went to City Hall today…

I never was the truly organized one, Roger was. So at Election time he got the materials together a week before mailing date
( we voted absentee) completed his ballot, and nagged me til I did mine (sometimes using his for a template). Somehow this spring, I got all the materials together, and they sat on the desk. About 11 pm last night I realized it was too late to mail in my ballot, and as it’s a small-turnout Primary, my next door election location was not on the list. Thankfully there was a list of places where one can walk in and deposit a pre-completed ballot on election day and still be ‘counted’. You have to be careful, tho, because some of the locations are only open the weekend before. (good thing I checked that before getting in the car)
So this morning, I arose and the first priority of the day,
after early morning routine of coffee, cat, and devotional, was to complete the ballot and make a list of where else I needed to go on errands. Thankfully Palo Alto city hall is nearby, has a basement garage ( not full) and it was quite easy to find the ballot box in the City Hall lobby!!! Task Completed!!! Not in the way Roger would have done it, but I have learned in many things, there are alternate ways to deal with problems.
For example at tax time I could not find the receipt for my car taxes to DMV, some of which are deductible. I learned I could go online to the DMV and with the auto registration #, find the information on what I paid last year and what portion I could claim. Of course it wasn’t much, and I first considered not even bothering with such a paltry amount, but that wasn’t Roger’s way either, so I’m glad I came up with the correct bottom line, even tho I took the roundabout way to get there.
And then the incident a few weeks ago: I noticed one of my tires was lower than the others, I decided to get up my courage and talk to a couple at church, asking if the husband would go with me to the gas station to put air in the tire…he did better than that: he has a ‘more qualified’ air compressor at his home garage, and I followed them home and got air in the tire. As it hasn’t gone down, it appears there is no slow leak, altho I still don’t know what happened in the first place. But I am learning to ask for help. Perhaps eventually I’ll get my paperwork in order and get things done in the proper way on time, or again, I may just have to find the next best way to get the job done!
Now if I could just find a foolproof way to remember where I
park my car…( is there a ‘prayer for the absent minded’?)