Gentle rains, encouragements in drought

Well, we’ve been getting a little rain—not ‘enough’ but some which may help this summer. The rain is a metaphor
for the encouragement I have been feeling lately; life has not changed much but my appreciation for it has. A few nights ago I went to a lecture by Doris Kerns Goodwin, the presidential historian. It was an enjoyable experience.
In a few weeks I will join several other women as guests at the Pebble Beach home of another widow for a few days.
The other day I was holding my cat on my lap, and I thought of how God is protecting me in the same way. I’ve certainly had challenges and choices each day. But I’m more ready to accept that I go from day to day, and don’t try to project too far ahead. It was a joy to have family members visit this spring, as well as several friends. I enjoyed a bridal shower a week ago, and participated in the joy of the bride-to-be as she opened gifts; all things she will use in her home as a marriage begins. The circle of people around me is sometimes larger than I thought. This summer I plan to go on two short US tours, enlarging that circle more. I still have lots of changes ahead, lots of decisions coming in future months, but meantime, by the grace of God and my tax accountant, my taxes are complete and being sent by e-form. A big load off my back! So bring on the rain,
and may it bring more showers of blessings.