Valentines Day and another year older….

“One who has loved is never quite alone…”
—Jane Tyson Clement

I have to admit this ‘day of love’ is hard on widows—so it was an encouragement to read the quote above, and to get busy sending a valentines greeting to some folks who are important in my life. This afternoon we have a special program at our seniors residence, and then I have decided not to battle seeing all the couples at dinner, and take my delicious food upstairs ( perhaps my cat likes lobster, we will see!)

Earlier this month I had my 75th birthday, and altho a friend offered to get some people together, I decided I’d rather go to a restaurant with her instead. So we went out to lunch, and then later this week I’ve had several dinners downstairs. I guess that’s my goal: to eat at least 3 meals downstairs each week. Of course this is Olympics week, so I’ve a good excuse to cuddle in front of the TV with my kitty.

Back to the poet quoted above, part of the end of her poem says “the world will find me wiser and more kind (now) you have gone, taking the best of you there was to learn…”. I hope that is true as I look to see where my life unfolds this year.


some days are like that…

A few mornings ago, I awoke with the realization I had not called dining reservations the night before—and I was to reserve a table for five! I called and gave my request about 8 hrs late, and hoped for the best (fortunately they were able to get us in).

Then I went to the bank as soon as it opened, having discovered a checking account error over the weekend, and wanted to rectify it; turned out it wasn’t nearly as big a problem as I expected.

So, I continued with my day and thought I had it all under control, until 2 that afternoon when I got a call from a member of my poetry group wondering why I was not there. I jump[ed in the car with the drafts of the poem I planned to read, and fought traffic across town. Thankfully my poetry friends were gracious, and I ended the day realizing that although I had ‘goofed’, things seemed to be going well anyway.

And the next day was amazingly free of hiccups, as my brother and sister in law flew in from Mpls, arriving early enough to even sit in the sunlight before dinner! All the reservations I made for their visits turned out just as planned, and the only problem that I incurred is that I left my credit card at the restaurant the final night in Pacific Grove. The next day I called, they found it, promised to shred it, and I’m now busy notifying all the automatic credit card contacts ( all my electronic services and a few other monthly payees) of the new number. Well, I guess it keeps me humble. I seem to be one step from stumbling all the way through life. Thankfully, God picks me up, and my friends are forgiving. Is it only my imagination or were things easier when Roger was here? Only one of the aspects of facing responsibility alone.