December notes

Almost Christmas! Where has the month gone? Like many of you,I’ve been involved in receiving and sending Christmas notes to those far and near—and I love reading the notes of yours, telling me what’s happening in your corner of the world. I’m sending many of my cards electronically, but there are still some hold-outs who will get theirs the old fashioned way, slowly by mail service!

Then, I’ve been listening to another kind of notes, those in the wonderful holiday music—here at our senior center we have had the Salvation Army Band, a community singers group,
and several other wonderful sounds of Christmas. As I drive across the bridge to church on Sunday, I’ve enjoyed the classical holiday music on one of the radio stations.

For Advent this year I have been reading “The Greatest Gift” by Ann Voskamp, each daily meditation has a small paper art
replica that I put on the bare branches of some tree that I’ve placed in a vase on the table. It has enriched my time ofAdvent, and been a good discipline too. To learn more about her check out her blog, “A Holy Experience”. I’m included in a Christmas eve dinner so will be making meatballs to bring to that event, and will be having Christmas day brunch here with some widows; later in the afternoon, I’ll be going to the home of some other friends, altho I don’t know that I’ll have room to eat much. And so on to the new year. I’ll be at a table of friends here on New Year’s eve, and then probably forego the festivities afterward for a quiet evening by the fire with my cat.

My inner life still has its ups and downs, and I find I have to balance social activity with time alone, but I’m trying to be patient with the process.

Hopefully I will be in touch in January.