rain at last!

Yesterday (November 19) we had rain..north of San Francisco they got about 2 inches, we
got less south of the city, but we may get more today. Unfortunately for me, I had made the decision to drive to a nearby concert last night. ( I could have taken the bus but had not signed up). I learned that it’s really best for me not to drive at night in the rain any longer. While I had no mishaps, I did something Roger would never do— I left at intermission! It had just been too long a day, and the music was simply not ‘my style’,
so I left before the crowd, and came home to my cat.

The past few weeks have been difficult because some dear people around me are grieving losses…I grieve with them, and then get tossed into my own grief…sometimes, it just is painful to be alone, and yet too much energy is involved to be with people. These feelings will pass, I know. In the meantime, perhaps I will get some long-delayed projects completed at home.

I did buy a new cell phone, and now have the task of learning how to use it! This week I go to the computer store to learn what I’m not doing in my attempts to download photos. I use my phone for several things: making long distance calls, checking email when I’m away from home, and taking photos. Unlike lots of folks, I rarely leave it on to pick up messages.

I am looking towards the spring, and a possible group trip to Asheville, N.C.
In the meantime, I’m trying to do all my driving before sunset! As I sit by the fire this Thanksgiving, I plan to focus on all that I am thankful for, and not get pulled down the drain of loss. May you too, count your blessings.