All things work out….

After my last post, I want to let you all know that many of my ‘problems’ got resolved:
some friends came by and said they could help, so they moved my large pot on the deck,
sharpened some knives ( and now I think I could do that myself, I just never paid much attention when Roger did it), and they shared with me the advantages of their new ‘smartphone’, which will probably have all the things and more, than I would need. So, next step is to find time to spend at the Verizon store.

The days here have had heavy morning fog, more so than usual, and unfortunately no rain as yet. In general the fog burns off by noon, but I miss the longer sun. And of course it’s getting dark earlier. There’s the parallel tendency to do what my cat does: curl up again, and go back to sleep.

However, I do have a schedule, and I try not to miss the group exercise I’ve signed up for. So far, I have been able to drive across the bridge to church in spite of the fog, but if not, there are other options. I have a couple of things on my calendar, but am cutting back during this inclement weather.

Most Saturdays, Stanford football is on TV, so that’s a welcome distraction. Today I expect another visitor, always a pleasant time. I’m beginning to recognize that life has it frustrating days and little things can seem big unless you stand back and put them in perspective. As another widow has recently said: ‘sometimes there’s no particular reason you feel down, it just is, so accept what is, and go on with the hope that your feelings will change.” So here’s to brighter sunshine, and brighter feelings, too.


“I need a handyman..or….”

Yes, at some point every widow seems to echo the above plea, “how can I get this fixed?”
In fact as I was struggling with this dilemma, another blogger-widow posted something on the same subject! My particular problem ( this time) involved a door on my den components that literally fell off it’s hinges ( yes, it had a little help from me, who pushed it too far). But then, what to do, I feared the maintenance department in my seniors residence would not consider it their responsibility. But they were my best bet, so I called, and a slight man with a belt of tools came up, took a look, and had it back together in about 10 minutes. So, sometimes that works. Or sometimes I figure out how to solve the problem as I have done with a number of dead batteries in various lighting systems.

But the fact remains, it’s an area of vulnerability, and a humbling experience to ask for help. Right now I have knives that need sharpening, a plant that needs moving ( too heavy for me to lift alone), and various other things I have just ‘let go’ rather than cope with finding a solution.

I guess there are still people out there who are for hire, and at some point I will probably need to find them. At this point I’m just thankful the cupboard door is back on! And I guess I’d better keep up my AAA policy, and the terms of my AX card that guarantees coverage when I rent a car, and..and…oh, life can be so complicated when one has ‘things’. Now who can tell me what’s the best smart phone to replace the one I have?