catching up…

I notice I haven’t posted in about a month! Sorry about that, so much in life has taken time and energy…I went to Mpls for a week for the beautiful outdoor wedding of my nephew and his bride, saw as many relatives as I could, and came home to duties and unread mail.

Before my trip I finally got the ‘time’ to take Roger’s uniforms and Tux for donation at
a Theater group here in town. I’m sure there was some inner resistance; but it’s a task now completed. By the way, an excellent way to get rid of uniforms, which are usually difficult to donate.

I have signed up for a monthly prayer group, with weekly homework. missed the first meeting because of my trip, so trying to catch up. In addition, I’m the default leader of our small Bible study here at the Vi on Saturdays, and attend a ladies study prior to worship on Sunday mornings.

I’m also secretary on the Food and beverage committee, which met this week, and it’s always a scramble to get the minutes out. ( done!)

Additionally, while I don’t have the devastating exhaustion I was having ( I think it was a combination of two medications) I have felt very ‘spent’ after my travels on the ‘sardine stuffed’ plane to the midwest. Well, I won’t be flying again soon, probably not til early November. That should get me back on track, especially as I have 3 days of ‘no schedule’ M-W in upper Napa Valley, followed by a writers retreat weekend in Carmel.

So my calendar fills, but my heart is often empty. It does help to have a cat, who survived very well during my absence ( 8 nights at the cat kennel). Next week neighbors will look in on her.

I’ve pretty much decided to let the weariness run its course, and nap as often as I feel the need, in spite of the long ‘to do’ list. Have a restful fall!