Serendipity – an unexpected pleasant experience

Here I am ready to return home from Wisconsin.  One serendipity was that we had mostly good, even excellent, weather.

I always consider birding a serendipity experience, you never know what unexpected creatures you will see, and it’s more about happening on the right place at the right time—of course, it help if you brother has been watching an eagle nest for some time.  We sat on a grassy, violet covered bank of a stream and looked with our lens at the nest in the huge Oak.  An eaglet did show himself a few times, but has not gotten to the wing flapping stage yet. We saw the parents flying about, and finally both landed on the we drove to the same branch of a tree—gorgeous birds.  Then we drove to the cemetery where my parents are buried, and while their heard the call of Sand Hill Cranes. We drove  up the road, as we were sure they were in the marsh.  Finally we saw two very russet colored cranes walking under a tree near the pond, and further over, a green heron stood at attention.

When I arrived at the B & B where I was staying, I discovered I was on the edge of a forest, with many birdsongs in the evening, and sighting of at least one male bluebird, the nest of what was probably a flycatcher, and finally traced the tapping sound of a woodpecker to what seemed to be a hairy woodpecker.

By chance, I heard of a poet reading in Spring Green, and drove there to hear the reading.

So many moments in life when we can savor the good; I can hardly recapture them all.

Now I head home, what serendipities await me?