A new phase…..I’ve become a cat owner again

I had deferred and questioned whether I should get another cat, but during the last month I felt more and more that I should try to adopt a female adult short-hair cat, providing I found one.  Well, I did and “Portia” moved in yesterday.  This is the name she apparently was given some time ago, and she answers to that, so I’m keeping the name and the cat ( assuming she stops cowering in the bathroom after a few more days.)

The pet care people I got her from were very specific that I must leave her there for several days.  ( I did sneak her out to the bedroom for a few hours today, but she just found the hiding place behind the bed and stayed there most of the time! ) If I were more adept, I would put her photo on this blog, but I’m not that good, so will wait til my friend can come and help me do that sometime. In the meantime, imagine a Siamese mix calico, who is rather hefty.  She was ‘fostered’ in a very small place, so didn’t have a lot of exercise. Of course if she remains on her current starvation diet she will lose some weight.  I did get a few photos of her, which I sent out to various people, and at least three asked about her name, so that’s why I’m making such a deal about it.

I think that it will be helpful for me to have another creature to worry about; I woke up this morning with a definite purpose…find out how Portia was! (FINE).

Now I’m looking for a few of my neighbors, or perhaps a friend who would like to stay here and pet-sit while I am in Wisconsin in mid-May. Several have made overtures, but no one has actually met Portia yet, so we will have to see how she responds.

On other fronts, I have largely completed the 2nd year widow’s course, and am not too interested in continuing with social events, as we have so much right where we live. ( I went to a musical performance Wednesday night that was 3 hours long (one intermission).

Living at “the Vi” we always have some person who is ill, and this week has been no exception; one of my friends has discovered she has non-operable pancreatic cancer. I’m so aware of what that kind of diagnosis can feel like….all the uncertainties of the future months and the changes in perspective it brings.

I think I have come to a new phase in my own grief, altho there are hills and valleys; but overall, there are more hilltops right now, and I’m seeing the gorgeous world of spring in California.  May there be blossoms where you are.