To Palm Desert and back….

This past week I drove with two friends ( who thankfully are competent drivers) to Palm Desert..about 600 miles…and spent a week at the Marriott timeshare.  We had our challenges ( mostly with the Internet; the Hyatt hotel we stayed at on the way down had a very poor system, and we could not even use cell phone in the bldg, altho we could outside!!!) They charged $10 a day for access to a Internet program!!! (we decide no as we were there only one night.

then we got settled in the Marriott condo and had trouble staying on their (free) system!) As one of my friends is even more ‘connected’ while away than I am I felt badly about the problem, toward the end of the week after the engineers did some mysterious things to the wiring, things went somewhat better.

It was as hot as I have ever been in Palm Springs in March…most days close to 90 degrees.  As I result I did not get out to see birds as much as I had hoped, altho we saw a large flock of coots outside our room daily.  We did the traditional visit to the “Palm Springs Follies” which still have 70-plus ladies and gents kicking up their heels as they did in their 30’s. We visited the grounds of the Annenburg  estate, but visits to the home must be made months in advance, so that will wait for another time. Two friends were in the area and were kind enough to invite us over for meals. We ate breakfast and at least one other meal most days in our condo, which is pretty well outfitted.  At least one visit was made to the pool ( a small one was almost across the street).

Probably the most pleasant afternoon was just sitting on the deck reading and checking email, with the golfers going past and sometimes splashing their balls into the lagoon in front of us. The desert climate, vegetation, and lifestyle is different enough from northern California to be a change.

Strangely March seems a ‘down’ time for me, longing for Roger more than usual, and the Hospice counselors say this is typical for some odd reason, perhaps the cycles of the season. But this trip was another step forward in the process of living the life I have now.It can only be lived by finding friends to share it with.


Hitting the Wall….

The other morning I arose before light, and on the way to the bathroom, ran smack into the wall.  Fortunately not much damage to either me or the wall.  But it got me thinking about how often lately I have metaphorically ‘hit the wall’—-some obstacle I just can’t seem to get past.

For example, I went to my writing group recently with nothing to read because I had ‘hit the wall’ in   re-editing a previous poem.  Not only that, I really hadn’t found time to spend on it.  And a long list of other things I just can’t seem to get past:  The paperwork for tax returns ( thankfully I have a CPA who actually does the return, but he expects me to organize the raw data.) Things around the house that just don’t seem to get done, meditation time during Lent that just hasn’t been as regular as I’d hoped. Phone calls I plan to make and just don’t get to it.

So what’s next?  There’s a little song about the wall : ‘can’t get over it, can’t go under it, can’t go around it…just gotta go thru’—

By the grace of God, I just have to push ahead and get through what must be done, figure out how I’m wasting time, and hopefully soon come out on the other side.  Tomorrow is another day, but I wanted to at least write this note, as this blog is another things I keep procrastinating about. May each of you who face a wall, find your way through.