2013 so far…

Here we are in February, approaching Lent, and I wonder where all the time has gone. First, some of the things I’ve been learning to do:  change batteries in clocks, light switches that are remote, and several others.  All at once, it seemed my batteries needed changing!  I still have a flashlight sitting here waiting to see if my brother can put it back together. ( My brother Bob and wife Ann arrive Wednesday,) I can’t believe that either, it seemed so long ago that we planned their trip:  SF museums and the wine country, where I secured a timeshare week. Looks like our fairly decent temps may hold thru the week.I finally learned how to reprogram my phone, pick up remote messages, and put pictures from my cellphone onto my computer. I am using a new computer application called, ‘smilebox’ to send cards and make invitations.

Other things I am learning: as much as I would like, my emotions only go at a certain pace; while folks who know me well say they see some healing, I still think way to often about the night Roger died, and not enough about the great times we had together.I’m not rushing into any big changes—can’ t even decide if Im up to getting a new cat, altho I was sorely tempted when I saw one advertised whose name was “Mocha” and she was obviously a Siamese!  I’m plenty busy with the paperwork, and probably will be until tax day approaches. Besides that, I have been involved with a once a month meeting that gets me on the road by 9 am, two exercises classes a week that begin at 9, two that begin at other times in the week, and trying to walk across the street for errands instead of getting out the car.  Speaking of the car, I have to take it in for service this week; thankfully a message flashes on the dashboard to let me know that. I’m trying to write poetry, and am involved in two groups that hold me to that promise.

My plans for Lent:  I’m giving up the food channel on TV, and generally limiting TV ( but have to see the  ending of Downton Abbey!)  After getting on the scale, I guess I’m giving up desserts too. I was encouraged this week to ‘take on” something, instead of giving up; so I will be taking on more devotional time during Lent.

I will be looking for an opportunity to attend a concert at the new Bing Performing Arts Center on the Stanford Campus, and looking forward to reading more books ( three holds at the library now).  I was anticipating my daily watch of the Decorah Eagles but it’s looking very much like they will be sitting on an alternate nest, one the cameras cannot see, so I guess I might have to go back and visit  the Eagles nest on my brother Jerry’s property in Wisconsin. Actually, I have general plans to visit Wisconsin in May and Minnesota in September. And yes, this month I got a year older, so I guess I need to change the sidebar on this blog.

I’ve had the opportunity recently to be a friend to several widows or near-widows, putting to use some of the painful lessons I learned. Whether this is temporary or more permanent, I don’t know.  There are certainly lots of needy people in the world.

I look outside at the blue sky and sunshine on the buildings around me, and it does seem very close to spring!  Happy Valentines Day!