a month of thanks

Yes, here it is, almost Thanksgiving, and where has the month gone?  Since last spring, I have been committed to  seeing  and giving thanks in small things.  But sometimes I admit, it’s not that immediate a reaction.  Like recently, when I opened a bottle of 90-day prescription pills ( 90 of them) and about 40 spilled out all over the bedroom carpet!  As I scooped up the pills, I WAS thankful that they fell in a place where they were easily seen, and I think I got them all back in the bottle. But that human part of me was still a bit disgusted that I’d been so clumsy.

And it was this month that I ‘passed’ my informal exam at the wellness center guaranteeing me eligibility to live in the independent living center, rather than be shuttled over to assisted living!  After practicing counting backwards by 7’s, they didn’t even ask me that question! But spelling ‘world” backward, naming the day, date and year did come up.

I must say this has been a wonderful month to be thankful for fall color…we have had many beautiful sunny days, and even the expected rain seems to have happened mostly in the darkness of night. Speaking of darkness, I do find it difficult to be thankful for the early darkness of winter. I have to admit I resist driving at night, and feel sad to have limited myself in this way, yet thankful that the other evening I was able to take our community bus ( with 27 others) to a concert in nearby Menlo Park.

We have a ‘thankfulness tree’ up in the mailroom, and I’m thinking how I could incorporate my thanks in a concise yet poetic way.I had to smile at the one who put up a thanks that none of her family was in a newspaper scandal! ( does that mean there is a possibility they MIGHT be???)

Seriously, I am thankful for faith ( only God could get me thru my present life), family ( even tho they are far away) friends (many of whom live right here), and falling leaves, that remind me seasons do change, but can be beautiful. With thanks to you, dear readers, and may you have a wonderful thanksgiving day.