Corrections and additions…

Well, folks, after I posted the last blog I realized I had quite a few run-on words, and at least one major misspelling.  Of course I meant the whale SPOUTED…I guess most of you made that transition in  your minds.  I tend to write off the page, and because some of the edit forms delete the whole thing, I try not to do that.  But I do apologize for not looking more carefully before I hit “publish’.

Some additions:  I realize I said a lot about what we DID and not much about HOW I FEEL.  Actually those kind of active days do push the feelings aside, for the most part. Recently the phrases came to me, ” a settled sadness, like the fog..”  That seems to be where I am now. Of course the fog does lift periodically, but overall the loss of Roger in my life is still very real, and there are reminders everywhere.  I realize I have not taken the final process steps in healing:develop a new self-identity and what do I feel I want to do with the rest of my life?  And this may be a pretty long-term process.

Hopefully, some of the activities this fall will lead towards more progress:  I will be involved in a ‘2nd year widows group” and a couple of other things that will give me focus.  Thanks for your patience, as by God’s grace I will come to grips with the things I must in order that I move on.


a ‘whale’ of a time in Avila Beach

My friend Laurie and I didn’t anticipate seeing a whale when we went to a resort in Avila Beach nearSan Luis Obispo for four days…but as we sat on the lawn chairs overlooking the ocean ( me with my binoculars)I suddenly saw what looked the the spurt that surely  seemed the the pouting of a whale.  The problem was it was very close to shore and quite near several small boats.  I guess we could have jumped in the car and triedto drive further down the road for a closer look, but we just shrugged our shoulders, until we went inside and another visitor said he’d just seen it on the evening news.  And sure enough that night we saw the YouTube shot by an alert person who was among the boats. So that was our biggest surprise on this adventure. (you can google this for ‘whale at Avila Beach and hear the woman in the boat screaming)

We had a lovely room with a small terrace and a nice view of the shoreline ( in the opposite direction of the whale).  After the morning fog burned off, the weather was sunny and warm.  Roger would have been proud of me for snagging this slot in a usually busy summer, and for getting the nice room ( total luck in both cases).

We did some of the usual things, drove a way up See Valley Road, and stopped where a vineyard also keeps peacocks—interesting combination to see the peacocks among the grape stakes.  We stopped at the local fruit market and bought food for breakfast and lunch, found Trader Joe’s and bought steaks, which, with some difficulty, we were able to broil on the outdoor grills.  One night we met a friend of Laurie’s at a lovely seafood place with a great view, but no special sunset that night.

Thursday my friend Gail, her two daughters, and their two daughters(aged one yr-plus) joined us for lunch and a short walk on a lovely trail that went right by the Moonstone Cafe.  That night Laurie and I did the obligatory trip in to the street market at SLO,and sat on the curb eating some very fine beef while watching the crowd wander past. And one day we went to Cambria, and stopped at the small town of Harmony ( pop 18) on the way. I think Harmony was interesting, but we did also make our way to a great local cookie company in Cambria and talked with the owner who loves his job! (Red Moose Cookies).

All in all, a nice time, much enhanced for me by a traveling companion who is a good driver! It helped so much not to drive all the way home myself. Next time perhaps she’ll get a real bed and not the fold out sofa!