The old lady and the football coach

During the month of May I decided that if God dropped an ESL student in my lap, I would attempt tutoring and see if this is something I should return to.  As it turned out, a friend referred a potential student she was unable to fit into her schedule.

I learned that this student was from Japan, had been here a few years and worked for the Stanford football team as an assistant offensive coach!   This was not exactly what I had expected, but I met with him for an introductory session, and I explained I knew almost nothing about football but I could clearly see where he needed help in English. As is common, he left out prepositions, or used the wrong ones; so while he could be easily understood,   his English was not flawless by any means.  We agreed we would meet for a few weeks and see how things worked out.

At the end of May we both had out of town commitments, and this month I had a note from him that while he wanted to return to tutoring, he was not sure when his schedule would allow this  ——perhaps not until July.  I also know he will have no free time during the fall season.

But this experience did allow me to take some measure on my ability to cope with the tutoring situation at this stage of my widowhood.  I decided I cannot handle more than one student at  a time, and probably only one who does not have a great many demands for preparation on my part.

I also discovered I enjoyed this experience, as I have enjoyed students in the past. So continuation is on hold and in the meantime I have other things that seem to fill my days. I’m staying open to what may happen next and seriously wondering if he returns, perhaps I should barter for tickets to the home games! ( He assures me the team will do well in spite of the loss of Andrew Luck!)


Solo in San Francisco

correction above: this was supposed to have been the title of my last blog, somehow things got mixed up on lines and thing ( perhaps one should not blog when very tired on a Sunday afternoon)

Last week I spe…

Last week I spent 7 nights in a small hotel off Union Square.  It was a timeshare trade I needed to use,

and I wanted to test my ability to take another step in being a single person.  Someone recently told me

‘one is still a whole number’.  Yeah, but sometimes a solitary one.


My plans for taking public transit carrying only a small overnight bag plus computer briefcase worked out,

altho I should have researched the fact that Mason Street is very steep from Post to Sutter. ( my return was

much easier, as by then I had discovered the nearby bus that ran direct to the CalTrain Station.)

Warming: just about all the BART automatic stairs in stations seem out of order.  I did a lot of climbing



I played the tourist and rode the ‘get on/get off’ tour bus one day;ending up with a couple of hours at Pier

39 ( have lunch early, and you may be lucky enough to have a wonderful view of the bay and the seals

and sailboats). The Museum of Modern Art has never been my favorite, but they had an interesting display

of Mexican Photography ( no postcards for sale in giftshop), but the real highlight is the top floor walkway

to a second building. wonderful views of the city from  this walkway making the $3 sparkling lemonade

worth the price.I’m hoping some of the photos I took with my came/smart phone will be worthy of printing.

I made the trip to the Asian Art Museum on the day when everyone else was celebrating the Golden Gate

Bridge Anniversary, and found plenty of small adequate restaurants within a block or two of my hotel.


I had dinner with friends two nights, which was really nice; folks I don’t see that often.  I spent quite a lot of

time reading (hence the heavy suitcase)  and writing in my journal and working thru a book on grief ( page a

day for what may be the next several years).


All in all, a very satisfactory week, but next time I think I’ll get a larger room and take a friend.